Additive Manufacturing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process by which physical objects are created by depositing layered material, starting from a digital model. All 3D printing processes require the joint use of software, hardware and materials.

As part of the Additive manufacturing activities in our 3D LAB MANUFACTURING offers PROFESSIONAL 3D PRINTING SERVICES.

Generative Design 

Generative Design is a revolutionary and constant evolving approach. It allows you to find the best solution after examing all the possible variables such as different technologies available (casting, milling, etc) and all possible simulations set by the designer.

As part of the ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING activities In our 3D LAB MANUFACTURING we offer services 3D Printers.



  • We have the new 3D EXPERIENCE DASSAULT software which we exploit the innumerable potential thanks to the skills and research that our engineers are carrying out with the university faculties.



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